I have been a wellness counselor and holistic therapist for 20 years.  I have helped people heal from severe pain, abusive situations, emotional struggle, eating disorders, addictions, family problems to finding their passion in life.


We all have been through some struggles in certain aspects of our life.  Sometimes the same pattern of a situation or type of person keeps repeating no matter how hard we try to change it.  

Compassionate Evolution will guide you to clear away any trauma or abuse, limiting belief systems, unhealthy conditioning, and patterns and give you inner peace, self-worth, higher consciousness/awareness, and the skills to create happiness in all aspects of your life.


The program is for 4-weeks and we will meet once a week for two hours.  

The session can be done over the phone or in person.



The first week is about understanding the mind.  Learning about the power of your thoughts and how to reprogram your subconscious mind.  We will take a deep look at any disempowering belief systems you may have and how they are creating your reality.


The second week is about patterning.  You will learn how to release and heal from the past. How to recognize a pattern instantly and understand the higher learning lesson behind it and free yourself from it.  

This week also includes taking care of your physical body and instilling inner peace on a daily basis. 


The third week is about our conditioning.  This can be the toughest part to overcome because it is in our conditioning that holds aspects of our identity.  Letting go of this part of us is really stepping into the unknown and the beginning process of creating a new life to what you truly desire.


The fourth week is staying strong in what you have learned and embracing your new way of living.  So you can be successful at living in a new level of life and fully reach your goals no matter what they are now and you will want in the future.

  •  Free the mind and body from trapped emotions that cause self-sabotage.  

  • Get a deeper level of understanding to your life's learning lessons and a higher perspective of the people and situations that provided you those lessons.

  • Become successful in the areas of your life that have been the most challenging.

  • Live your life in the presence of ever expanding Self Love and Compassion for who you are. 


Start living your highest and best. Having a life of love and compassion for yourself is the most empowering feeling. There are no limits to what you can achieve.

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