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Breathwork is a powerful self-healing practice that reduces your stress, calms your mind, and opens your heart. We use the rejuvenating power of oxygen to release the tension and stuck emotion that cause you to feel irritable and uneasy in your day to day life.


Come breathe, get out of your head, and rediscover that feeling of full aliveness. Bring a mat and a blanket, and an eye mask if you have one.


Rachel Sizemore is a Breathwork Healing Facilitator and Mindfulness-Based Life Coach. Through her 1-1 Healing Sessions and Group Breathwork Classes, Rachel holds space for her clients to release the old beliefs and emotions that keep them stuck in stress, anxiety, and depression. The result is that they feel more open, empowered, and alive.


Rachel is a Certified Breathwork Healer through David Elliott, a master healer with over 25 years of experience and a 600-hour Certified Integrated Sexuality Coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. She has been guiding clients to their full aliveness for the past 7 years and is based in San Diego, California.



Come Fully Alive Breathwork

Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm $20 

Steffi lives her life full out and full speed, sharing her gift of unconditional love in service to uplift every being she encounters, cherishing raw, authentic experience, effortlessly inspiring others with her natural joy and compassion.

As an international Master Coach and Somatic Embodiment Facilitator, Steffi merges the significant elements of Expressive Arts Therapy, Transformational Coaching and Yoga. The experience of these transcending and playful experiences promise to deepen your awareness and raise your vibration within the body which allows rippling onto all areas of life.


Her work is inspired by Ana and Daria Halprin, founder of the Tamalpa Institute, John Michael Wasmer, Tantra and her infinite curiosity in Human Connections. 

Steffi now shares  with the world her life long curiosity and high value of the Art of Connection, the type of connection every heart and soul is longing for and is enjoying so much when we find it. That unapologetic, unconditional, juicy, liberating, uplifting, supportive, holding, laughing kind... you know? Yes, exactly that one.

Spending the last decade on investigation and exploration of all kinds of connections brought Steffi to the creation and building of the Connection University that is here to serve and change culture away from loneliness towards belonging.

Steffi Seefeld









Ash is an intuitive lightworker and mentor with a passion for teaching yoga and using nutrition as a source of mind/body connection.

Her main goal for every workshop, class, or mentorship is to create alignment in all areas of your life while you use your body to try on new ways of being.



Ash is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, chakra healer, and nutrition coach.


Ash Wells



Email Ash to schedule your complimentary elevation call.



Angela Bianco

Facebook:   The Barefoot Therapist

A monthly offering for women to connect, share, process, create and MOVE. Each month will offer something new and be curated with intentionality for our community. If moving your body excites you or scares you; this space is for you. If you have been looking to put your self love into action and connect with your body; claim your space in the circle!

February is all HEART. We will dive deep with movement and embodiment to explore our individual RHYTHM. We will practice the art of DISCERNMENT and move into ALIGNMENT with our hearts desire.

Movement Medicine




I am a certified Medium through James Van Praagh's School of Mystical Arts. A medium is always developing. In that spirit, I have found a mentor in Andy Byng who is an international medium and tutor at the famous Arthur Findlay College in England. I am also blessed to get to train under Mavis Pittilla from the Arthur Findlay College.   

Spirit always brings messages their loved ones need most to give them peace, hope, and understanding. It is my true honor to be able to deliver these messages to bring awareness to the reality that our loved ones are still very much alive in the spirit world. 

Kelly Fisher


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