It all started when I was about 4 years old.

In the picture, I'm about 8 years old but it was the only one I had with me when I made this page.



My love and curiosity for life started at a young age.  I always wanted to know what we are how did our body work, where did we come from where do we go when we die.  How did the plants grow, and produce more seeds to give us more plants and ability to live?  What and where is the universe?  How did our planet get created and how did the natural order of wildlife know how to keep everything in balance and healthy?   The typical questions of a 4-year-old. 


Growing up my intuition grew and I naturally helped people with their problems and had a way of making people feel happy and better.


Not to get into too much, to keep privacy for my family.  My parents are amazing and my love for them is infinite and eternal.  I couldn't imagine anyone else to have been my mom and dad but like most families, we did have some growing pains.


Going through what I did gave me the greatest learning lessons and the ability to understand what we take in as children and how belief systems, patterning, and conditioning are created and passed down through many generations. 

My learning lesson's continued when I reached 8th-grade, a boy I sat next to in English class became a stocker and physically abusive to me in many ways.

I ended up in a dramatically violent time from 8th grade through Junior year in high school. I realized when abuse happens sometimes a person who is being abused hides and goes in rather than telling someone about it.

I hid what was happening to me until I started to heal myself much later in life.  

At that time, I started taking drugs. The drugs I engaged with was LSD, Marijuana, Cocaine (1 time in 9th grade), some pills, alcohol, hash and I smoked Marlboro cigarettes.

I stopped all drugs on my own. I always knew I didn’t want a life of drugs.  Smoking marijuana and taking LSD was the only vehicle I had that gave me some joy and helped to make my body feel better from the physical abuse.

I eventually got away from the abusive situation by senior year in high school.  I started getting friends back into my life and got into a healthy relationship.  


I was 19 and the boy who I was in the healthy relationship with, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She started healing herself with a vegetarian diet, creating medicinal recipes with herbs and started receiving Reiki treatments.  She did go through Chemo too.  During her healing process, I was right along side of her making the meals and helping her out any way I could.  
She did heal from cancer and is still beyond amazing today.  I will always have her strength and spirit with me and honor her for many reasons but especially since she was the soul who opened the door to me becoming a Reiki master teacher and holistic therapist.

I followed her footsteps and became a Reiki therapist at the age of 20.  From receiving and giving the energy treatments I realized how the body is storing all the abuse in our energy system and in the tissues of the body.  It was incredible to me how the physical abuse I endured was coming up and coming out, enabling me to fully heal.​

In my early 20's, I became a manicurist. My days of manicuring were filled with helping women with their problems, giving them encouragement and happiness.  As well as a fantastic manicure!  I eventually became tired of hearing my clients ask me, "Do massage the rest of the body too?" and realized they are telling me something.


So, I enrolled into massage school. It was there that I learned how to heal myself and others on another deeper level.  

I learned many different ways to heal and help the mind/body connection.


I began studying: Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, developed my psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.  I also learned Tai-chi, Qi-gong and Meditation.

I then went on to become a Reiki Master, a teacher of meditation and the healing arts.

I opened up my first holistic healing practice when I graduated from massage school.  I worked as a bodyworker and healer for 7 years before I couldn't just do bodywork,  I had to teach too.  So, I opened up my first wellness center and started having classes of meditation, accelerated awareness, exercise, reiki, art and angel readings.  I gathered and attracted so many amazing healers and teachers that made my center truly magical. 


Even though I loved what I was doing and enjoyed my life, there was something inside of me that needed to be for-filled.

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to live in California.  I was in Massachusetts.  Ever since I knew CA. existed I wanted to live there.  Everything about the state filled my heart with joy.  The mountains, forests, the holistic living, the innovation, the beautiful weather the fun lifestyle and beautiful beaches, I just loved it all.  

So...I decided, I'm moving.  It was a little tough to leave but I had to follow my heart's desire.  At 38 I packed everything up bought a one-way ticket and left.  Not as quickly as that, it took about 3 months but that's the cliff notes on it.


I finally made a life long dream come true and I gave myself the opportunity to build a brand new life.   

Throughout my life, I  never gave up on the questions I had as a child and my quest for what is life all about.  


Out of all that I learned, what has intrigued me the most is how do we co-create our reality.

How and why do things happen to us?  Why is it that some people can have amazing things happen to them and other people are constantly struggling and live a life of trauma or hardship?

How can we fully heal from our past experiences and experience a life of joy? 


I am grateful for all that I have gone through in my life.  My life experiences has given me an unlimited amount of knowledge and wisdom that I can help people on every level of their life, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual.  I learned how to guide people to clear away what no longer serves them and bring them to enjoy their ability to consciously create the life they desire.  


After helping so many people heal from many different problems throughout the years, I realized at the core of what makes a person move to any new level of their life and what helps them to free themselves from any unhealthy situations is Self Love.  

I have been working on my wellness program for over 30 years without even knowing I was collecting data for it especially through my most challenging times in my life.  


Since the program is about the evolution of your life, how to completely free yourself from that which does not serve you and to go through the transformation with love for all the people (including yourself) while honoring the experiences you had.  

I felt the best way to describe the essence of the journey is to call my program, Compassionate Evolution.    


Taking the time for at least one month to let go and to deeply love who you are.  Then begin to create all that you wish to create from the clear space of love and compassion. 


I am overjoyed with peacefulness, beauty, and honor to be given the abilities and opportunity to bring people to their infinite power to really see just how magnificent they are and what an incredible life they can have.


Health, Wealth, and Happiness to all!



Many Blessings! 

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