The teenage years are one of the toughest times in our life.  

Trying to find your identity, thinking about what you want to do, "when you grow up". Your hormones begin to change, your just beginning to learn how to deal and balance with school, sports, classmates, peer pressure, bullying, drugs and alcohol enter into your life, depression, and anxiety can become strong emotions too. 


This is the time in life when we need the most support and proper guidance to feel loved and understood.

The class is designed to give teens a safe place to share and learn:

how to control their mind and emotions, how to handle the difficult challenges in life, develop the skills of intuition to feel confident in choosing the right path for them. This meditation and empowerment class gives the teens an opportunity to really love and understand themselves so they can create a healthy, conscious, beautiful life.

Topics that are covered in the class


       What is Meditation

       Focus on breath

       Posture, daily times and place to meditate

       Slowing down and training the senses


       Achieving Inner stillness

       Harnessing the infinite Mind


       Looking at our world

       Different vibrations: music, people, words, colors, nature  

       Understanding your vibration

       Thoughts, emotions and feelings, affirmations and manifesting

       Understanding anger, depression, anxiety, worry 

       Heart talk - How to talk to the wisdom of your heart


       Human Body

       Quick anatomy class - Our miraculous body 

       Chakras and Aura our energy body

       Qi-gong exercises

       Developing Psychic abilities




What are the body’s nutritional needs

How to eat properly



Growing your own food

Connecting to Mother earth and taking care of our planet

Learning aromatherapy


Living a Mindful Life

Life’s challenges and how to work with them.  

Understanding struggles are your teachers Growing your wisdom, intuition, and gratitude

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