Thank you so much Deb!  

I am feeling clearer. The day after I saw you it felt really easy to stand straight.  

I definitely feel lighter!  Thank you.  

It was exactly what I needed and everything you told me has been helping me process a lot!  Thank you so much for your wonderful work and healing energy. 

- Anna 

Always a godsend to get a treatment from you Deb.  

Wish I had you give me a massage everyday! Thank you!


- Kynan R.

Debbie is about as awesome as you can ask for when it comes to massage and wellness!! She is attentive, intuitive, and very skilled in understanding what the body needs to find peace in a stressful world. She provides physical relief and a healing for the soul that is not found in every massage therapist.


What I find most amazing is how well she can understand the energy in my body. Without having to tell her exactly what and where my body aches, she is a step ahead and giving the necessary attention that my muscles require. I have learned a lot from the times I have been treated by Debbie, I owe much of my well being to her skills and talent.


I have been to many different massage therapists over the years. I have gone to corporate-owned spas, mom & pops owned locations, and have even tried my luck volunteering at massage schools, and I can honestly say that Debbie is the best person I've found. Even when I was living in Colorado, I made it a point to stop in for a session anytime I was back in town to visit family. I have no reason to look anywhere else, Debbie is the only choice I would trust for a complete mental/physical rejuvenation. 


I couldn't give Debbie a stronger recommendation. This massage is a MUST, I can personally guarantee you will feel amazing when you're done.  


- Mario C.

Deborah is amazing to talk to.  She is so insightful, personable, warm and funny.


 Her massages and treatments are incredible!  I love her healing hands!

- Marleen Wood

I see Deborah every three weeks for the past 7 years.  I look forward to every session.  I have a stressful job as a court reporter and after 3 weeks of work, I am running to Deb to take it all away.  She get out my kinks, restores and rejuvenates me so I can continue to do what I do.  After every session I go home and sleep like a baby! Thank you Deborah for your MAGIC HANDS : )  

—Linda Fifield

One of the things that I love about going to Deborah is the education she gives me.  She always knows what my body needs and what I need to do to help it, not only for body but also for my life.  


She makes me aware of imbalances and has fun and easy ideas of how to help me.  I love seeing Deborah. She keeps me on track and healthy!


- Christine Avery

What drew me to Deborah is her warmth and wonderful nurturing energy.  


She is highly intuitive/psychic and has the ability to pick up on the emotions and thinking patterns that I am holding onto.  

She can physically release the knots and problems of my body and also help me to mentally shift my thoughts and emotions to release any issues or problems that I have, which gives me a complete and whole mind/body treatment.  


I always feel like melted butter after every session with Deborah. She brings me back to wholeness.  

— Sheryl Libby

"I have been meeting with Deb regularly for almost 10 years, and it has made a huge difference in my life.


 Her caring, kind, attentive approach is always a welcome relief from the stresses of everyday life.  


I have come to truly appreciate her blend of healing, from traditional massage, to Reiki, to more spiritual connections --

I'm a more well-balanced and calm person after I've spent time in her care."  


- Kersten Lanes

"I always experience a feeling of deep relaxation and healing-spiritually and physically-

When I have a massage with Deb, the effects last for days.


My mind calms and I am able to have insights into things that have been bothering me."

- Gloria Fellows

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